Machine Quilting Checklist (BEFORE Quilting)

Machine Quilting Checklist Part 1

Learn about some steps you can take BEFORE stitching in order to be successful at machine quilting. In this video, you’ll get a checklist of tips to follow to get ready for straight line or “in-the-ditch” quilting. In the second video in this series, you’ll find out how to secure the quilt layers with straight line quilting. Below you’ll find the video and the times that each topic appears in the video along with links to the other tutorials mentioned in this series.

CHECKLIST Topic Times:

  1. Start Small and PRESS – 0:50
  2. Choose Simple Quilt Designs (Straight Lin/Slight Curves) – 1:10
  3. Purchase Cotton Batting (6″ or more stitch distance) – 2:25 
  4. Pick a Backing with Pattern/Colors – 2:53 
  5. Baste!!! – 3:24 
  6. Start with a New Needle & Clean Bobbin Area – 5:24 
  7. Thread Talk – Color, Stitch Length, & Tension – 5:40 
  8. Use a Walking Foot – 7:12
  9. Allow Lots of Space Around Machine – 8:00


How to Make Knots When Machine Quilting 

“How To Stitch in the Ditch” Checklist for DURING Quilting (Part 2) 

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