Machine Quilting Checklist (AFTER Quilting)

Machine Quilting Checklist Part 2

Learn about some steps you can take DURING stitching in order to be successful at machine quilting. In this video, you’ll get a checklist of tips to follow for straight line or “in-the-ditch” quilting. (In the first video in this series, you found out about ways to prepare your quilt BEFORE quilting.) Below you’ll find the times that each topic appears in the video along with links to the other tutorials mentioned in this series.

CHECKLIST Topic Times:  

  1. Slow and Steady – 0:37 
  2. Start in the Center & Anchor Your Quilt – 1:00
  3. Pull Up threads – 2:03 
  4. Hands/Gloves Hold the Quilt Layers Together – 2:48 
  5. Stitching in the Ditch – 3:35 
  6. Slow Down/Stop at Intersections – 4:14 
  7. Needle Down/Pivot – 5:38 
  8. Manage Bulk – 6:27 
  9. How To Avoid Marking – 7:25