Using Scissors to Cut Binding

double fold binding

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I can cut my binding strips using a yardstick and a regular fabric scissors. The first thing I need to do is press my fabric and then fold that fabric selvage to selvage like I’ve done here. I need to get one straight clean edge so I want to get rid of this edge here and I can do that by taking my yardstick over and taking a marking pencil (but I used a pen to mark this line so you can see it).

So I have this line and from this line I’ll measure 2 inches this way. I like to use a smaller ruler rather than that yardstick but it is OK to use the yardstick. So I’ve made some hash marks here. I’ve got one hash mark. I’ve got another hash mark. And I’ve made some more up this line on the fabric. The more little hash marks you make, the better chance you have of getting this nice and even.

So the next thing I need to do is take my yardstick and line up on those hash marks. And after you’ve lined those up, draw your line. After your line has been drawn, you’ll want to pin your fabric together if you’re going to cut through both layers at the same time. I put my pins in and I take my scissors and now I am ready to cut. And I would do this four times to get those four strips of binding.

After your binding strip has been cut, you’ll want to cut off the selvage edge. I do this by first taking my ruler, drawing a line there (I’ve used pen but you’ll want to use a marking pencil). I make sure to pin this and I pick it up and use my scissors to cut that.

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