Sewing Binding to the Quilt

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I like to start my binding in this bottom left hand corner because this is an area where your eye doesn’t really pick up much as it moves across the quilt. I’ll be joining the other end of the binding here. If I don’t do this so well, you won’t notice it as much.

I like to leave about 9 to 10” free so that when I have extra room to work in when I have to join that other edge of the binding, I have room to work. I just leave that tail free. I’ll start sewing about right here. I’m using a ¼ inch seam but this will vary based on the size of your binding.

When I start sewing, I like to lock my stitch. I will also use a regular stitch length. You can use your walking foot or just a regular foot; whichever you prefer. I “ll stitch into this corner and because I’m using a ¼” seam, I’ll stop a ¼ of an inch away from the edge and then I’ll back stitch. So let me take this over to the machine to show you what that looks like.

I’m using red thread; normally I would use a neutral colored thread. The red thread will make it easier for you to see. I have a pin here just as a reminder that there is where I want to start sewing but usually I don’t use pins because I find that they distort the fabric. If you feel more comfortable with pinning then that’s fine.

And I am ready to begin. I’ll sew one to two stitches and then I’ll back stitch to lock those stitches in place. I’ll sew down to this corner and I will stop a ¼” from the edge. So let me pull this out.
I’ve pulled my binding out of the sewing machine. Now I am ready to turn this corner. So I take my binding (let’s see), put it back like so. Notice when I do this; when I pull it back there’s this 45 degree angle that’s formed here. I want to make sure that the binding is even with the quilt here before I move on.

So let’s get this binding even with that. And now I’m going to flip this forward. When I flip it forward, I want my binding to be even with the quilt here. And I want it to be even with the top. Notice this is a little too…um…there’s too much binding here. So I’ll move this down a little bit. That’s nice and even right there. Now I am ready to sew.

Take this over to my sewing machine and I place it under my foot. I want to go back one or two stitches because I want to make sure that I stitch – that I catch the edge. Then I’ll come forward and I’ll sew like this – continue sewing all the way around till I get to the next corner.

Let me do this again away from the machine. I’ve sewn to the end here and stopped ¼ of an inch from the edge. Now I am ready to flip this binding back. Make this binding line up with this edge of the quilt. You’ll notice there’s a 45 degree angle here when I do that.

I’m ready to flip it back. When I flip it back I want to line this fold here with the top of my quilt. And this binding should line up with the edge here.

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