“Quick Look” on How to Make Binding

quick look at double fold binding


“Quick Look” Reference

1. Prepare Quilt for Binding
2. Decide on the Binding’s Width and Length
3. Cut Binding Strips
4. Sew Strips Together
5. Press Strips
6. Sew Strips to Quilt
7. Hand Stitch Binding to Back of Quilt



download transcripts Video Transcript: DOUBLE FOLD BINDING – “Quick Look” at How to Make Binding (#2 of 13 videos)


Before you add binding to your quilt, you need to get it ready. I’ve layered the back, batting and top and I’ve done the quilting.

Now I need to figure out how wide to cut it. This measurement will be determined by the thickness of the quilt sandwich and also determined by the seam allowance or the width that you want your binding. You need to figure out the length. Take your ruler and measure around the outside edge of your quilt. You also need know the width of your fabric.

When I sew the strips together, I don’t like to sew a straight seam. I like to sew on the diagonal. Fold wrong sides together making sure the edges meet. Now I am ready to stitch this binding. I will stop a 1/4of and inch from the edge. I’ve pulled my binding out of the sewing machine and put it back like so. I’ve flipped it forward. I want my binding to be even with the quilt here and I want it to be even with the top. And I want to make sure that I catch the edge and then I’ll come forward.

I like to hand stitch this either using a whip stitch or an applique stitch. Here’s my completed binding. For more detailed videos about these steps, go to “Beginner Basics”. Click on“Finishing the Quilt”. And look under “Double Fold Binding”.

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