Pressing Binding Strips

double fold binding, pressing strips

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Now I am ready to press my binding strip. I like to use a hot dry iron. Some people prefer to use steam but this could easily distort your fabric. I also like to press on a towel but this isn’t necessary.

I usually start by pressing these seams where you’ve sewn the binding strips together. I like to press them open. This makes sure that the bulk is more evenly distributed.

After it has been pressed, I like to fold them back together and eyeball about ¼ inch seam. And I clip those seams and if it looks like it needs to be pressed again, then I’ll press that.

Next I’ll fold the wrong sides together. So these are the wrong sides; fold them together like this making sure the edges meet. And I begin to press. You really need to watch your fingers here. And I just continue pressing on in this manner until I’ve pressed my binding strip.

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