Preparing Quilt for Binding

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Before adding binding, you want to get your quilt ready by quilting the top. I’ve just added a small amount of quilting here just stitching in the ditch. But I’ve quilted this top enough so that I am ready to add that binding.

I also like to stitch around the edge; really close to the edge. The reason why I do this is because I want to keep this fabric lying flat. And by stitching right there it ensures that that fabric is going to lay still for me when I add the binding and also when I go to trim this excess batting and back off.

So I take my rotary cutter and my ruler and I line it up; just work my way around the quilt trimming it up so I’ve got a nice flat edge. Sometimes my stitching gets cut off but that’s OK as long as most of it stays. And now I’m ready to go and add my binding.

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