Binding – How Wide?

double fold binding - how wide

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I’ve decided I want this fabric for my binding. Now I need to figure out how wide to cut it. This measurement will be determined by the thickness of the quilt sandwich (as you can see here I have a very thin sandwich – I didn’t use a very thick batting – other times it may be thicker). And it’s also determined by your seam allowance or the width that you want your completed binding.
So this gives you an example of a narrow binding and this shows you a wider binding. I get to decide which one I like better. Generally speaking, the larger the quilt, the wider the binding but there is nothing set in stone that says how wide your binding needs to be. You get to decide what works best for you.

I’ve made some samples here to show you how this binding works and also to help you figure out the width that you’ll need to cut your strips. I used scraps to make this small quilt sample here and also to cut my binding. The binding strip is 3 inches wide but then I fold it and hence the name – straight of grain double fold binding.

You then take this binding with the raw edge and I align it to the edge of the quilt and sew a ½ inch seam allowance. Then I fold my binding over and you see I have a nice finished seam there. I fold it all the way to the back of the quilt. And this binding will cover these raw edges. It should go all the way to that stitched seam allowance. You’ll notice I now have a half inch binding that goes around my quilt on the front and on the back.

So how do I know how wide to make my strips. I took paper – like this – you could use fabric but it is easier for me to draw on paper and I marked a ½ inch seam . Then I folded that and I placed this on my quilt sandwich. Let me bring it up a little bit closer so you can see; lined it up with the raw edge and folded that over and then folded that to the back. And when I got to the back, I made a mark (right here) right where that fold ends up. Let me put that down. Now let me unfold my paper. And that mark I’ll measure and I noticed on my ruler here that ends up at 1 inch and ½.

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