Finishing the Quilt

Assembling the Quilt Sandwich/Quilting all Layers/Finishing the Quilt

Is you quilt top complete?  If you answered yes then you’re ready to assemble your quilt sandwich, quilt all layers and complete your quilt.  Below you will find links to help you finish your project.

Make sure you view the batting intro before purchasing yours.  Your decision to tie, hand quilt or machine quilt will help determine which batting to buy.

Choosing Batting

Batting Intro (1 video)

quilt batting


The Quilt Sandwich

Layering the Quilt (1 video)

the quilt sandwich


Basting the Quilt Layers with Safety Pins (1 video)



Straight Line Quilting (1 video)


Free Motion Quilting  (1 video)


Tying the Quilt (1 Video)

tying a quilt


Hand Quilting (coming Soon)


Finishing the Quilt Edges

Finishing the Quilt’s Edges – INTRO (1 video)

Finishing the quilt's edge

(Learn about some of the different methods to finish the edge of your quilt.)


Double Fold Binding (13 videos)

double fold binding - how wide


Chenille Edges (1 video)


Backing Fabric as the Binding (coming soon)


Finishing Quilt With No Binding


Hanging Options

Quilt Sleeves (1 video)

quilt sleeve


Quilt Hanging Pockets (1 video)

Quilt Hanging Pocket



Info on Different Labels and How to Make Quick Label (1 video)

Quilt label

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