Intro to Crazy or Free Form Quilting

crazy free form quilting

Learn about crazy (free form) quilting in this first video of the series.


download transcripts Video Transcript: Crazy or Free Form Quilting > Introduction to Crazy or Free Form Quilting (#1 of 6 Videos)

This is a crazy quilt sampler that I use when teaching Crazy Quilting or Free Form Quilting. Each block is designed to teach you a skill and/or demonstrate a design concept.

In this series, I’ll explain some tips that make free form quilting easy for beginner quilters. I’ll start with why you might like sewing on a foundation rather than no foundation. Then I’ll show you how to free form piece with strips or scraps of fabric. I’ll also discuss how your fabric choice or use of trims can change your block. Next you’ll learn some different arrangements like this fan. I’ll also review piecing from the inside out. Last but not least, I’ll show you how to put all the skills you learned to get really crazy.

I hope you’ll find this method to be relaxing AND fun. Sometimes it’s good to get away from perfect points and matching intersections and instead follow your own instincts. You might just end up with a masterpiece!

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