Crazy or Free Form Quilting

crazy freeform quilting

Want to “free your soul” and break all the quilting rules? Do you like art quilts or the modern movement?  Check out our videos on how to incorporate crazy or free form techniques into your quilts.

Introduction to Crazy or Free Form Quilting (#1 of 6)

Find out about this series and some of the techniques you might be interested in learning.


Foundation vs. No Foundation (#2 of 6)

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using a foundation as opposed to no foundation.


Strips (#3 of 6))

crazy or free form quilting strips

Free form strip piecing is a great way to start your crazy quilting journey.


The “Fan” (#4 of 6)

crazy or free form quilting - the fan

Learn how to make “the fan”.


Center – Out (#5 of 6)

crazy or free form quilting center out

Find out how to start piecing from the center.


Sewing Sections Together (#6 of 6)

Sewing Sections for Crazy Quilting

You’ll learn how to put all the earlier techniques together to get really crazy!


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