Freezer Paper Applique (13 videos)


FREEZER PAPER APPLIQUE– Introduction (#1 of 13 videos)
intro to freezer paper applique


APPLIQUE– Supply List (#2 of 13 videos)
applique supply list


APPLIQUE– Pattern Transfer (#3 of 13 videos)
applique pattern transfer


APPLIQUE– Iron On Freezer Paper (#4 of 13 videos)
iron on freezer paper


APPLIQUE– Basting Using Thread (#5 of 13 videos)
basting using thread


APPLIQUE– Basting Using Glue (#6 of 13 videos)
basting using glue


APPLIQUE– Appliqueing the Circle (#7 of 13 videos)
appliqueing the circle


APPLIQUE– Removing the Paper (#8 of 13 videos)
removing the paper


APPLIQUE– Pressing the Circle (#9 of 13 videos)
pressing the circle


APPLIQUE– Pinning the Star (#10 of 13 videos)
applique pinning the star


APPLIQUE– Appliqueing the Star (#11 of 13 videos)
appliqueing the star


APPLIQUE– Trimming the Excess (#12 of 13 videos)
trimming the excess


APPLIQUE– Finishing (#13 of 13 videos)
finishing the applique


Other Circle Star Blocks:

Looking for projects that use the featured quilt square?  Or maybe you want to see the block done up in other fabrics.  Check out the photos below:

Green Circle Star

Circle Star - Red Sampler

Red Sampler Quilt with Scalloped Border



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