APPLIQUE – Iron On Freezer Paper (4 of 13)

Learn how to use your iron to affix your freezer paper pattern to fabric. Make sure you use a hot, dry iron when pressing.

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ironing freezer paper
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TRANSCRIPT of video:  Applique – Iron On Freezer Paper (video #4 of #13)

Now I’m ready to press my patterns that I’ve cut out to my fabric scraps.

The first thing I need to do is to turn the fabric so that the right side is facing down and the wrong side is facing me.

You take the pattern piece with the shiny side and place it on the wrong side of the fabric.

Since I did not add a quarter-inch seam allowance when I made these patterns i’m going to cut an extra quarter-inch around the pattern.

So if I put the pattern like this I’m not going to have a quarter inch seam allowance on the edge.

I need to move it so there is room for the seam allowance.

I take a hot dry iron and press.

You will have a piece where the paper is pressed to the fabric.

I’m going to cut by “eyeballing” a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around this circle.

I want to be consistent.

It’s not going to cause problems if you cut a big seem allowance (like that).

When you go to fold that over you’re going to have some excess fabric so it’s actually better to stick with that quarter-inch seam all the way around.

You don’t want to cut it much smaller than this because then it’s too hard to handle.

Try to use that quarter-inch all the way around.

I do with the same thing with the star.

I take my fabric and place the right side of the fabric down facing my pressing area.

Then I take my star and make sure that I have a quarter-inch all the way around the star.

Then I take my hot dry iron and press.

I am use this as my pressing area because I need a flat surface to press on when applying freezer paper; not this fluffy towel that i’ve mentioned earlier for pressing.

That comes after i’ve made the appliqué block.

You notice this didn’t stick on very well so I’m taking my iron to press a little bit longer.

The shiny size of the freezer paper kind of melts and adheres to the fabric.

Now I am ready to ready to cut this.

Once again I’m going to cut or “eyeball” a quarter-inch seam allowance.

I don’t want to cut off the tips because when I have to baste this I need the extra fabric at those tips.

So I will go all the way around and cut out the star.

The next thing out be talking about is how to baste these pieces in place.




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