intro to freezer paper applique

There are many different methods for applying cut-outs (applique) to fabric.  Learn some of the basic methods and choose which one works best for you.

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Heart Applique Series:

Applique – Intro (#1 of 7 videos)

Applique Intro

Applique – Raw Edge (#2 of 7 videos)

Applique Raw Edge

Applique – Fusibles (#3 of 7 videos)

Applique Fusibles

Applique – Freezer Paper (#4 of 7 videos)

Applique Freezer Paper

Applique – Needle Turn (#5 of 7 videos)

Applique – Inside Out (#6 of 7 videos)

Applique Inside Out

Applique – Reverse (#7 of 7 videos)

Applique Reverse

Hand Applique:

Needle Turn (1 video)

Hand Sewn Shamrock


Applique Project:

Freezer Paper Applique Star in Circle

Freezer Paper Star/Circle (13 Videos)

intro to freezer paper applique

Patterns for Star in a Circle:

download transcripts download transcripts


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