Beginner Basics

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QUILT TUTORIALS covering Basic Techniques

Hope you learn to enjoy quilting as much as we do!

making quilt patterns

Creating a Pattern

Having a beautiful quilt that you adore but no pattern? Find out how to produce patterns on your own.

cutting methods

Cutting Fabric

Learn traditional AND quick cutting methods.

Sewing Patchwork

Sewing Seams

Follow our tips and you’ll be sewing an accurate 1/4″ seam in no time!

finishing the quilt

Finishing the Quilt

You are finished with layering your quilt … now what? Learn about different quilting techniques and how to finish the quilts’ edges.

OTHER TECHNIQUES for your Quilting Toolbox

piecing/cutting shortcuts

Piecing/Cutting Shortcuts

Learn some tricks to help you save time and sew more accurately.


Paper Piecing

Paper Piecing is a useful (and fun!) technique to help with accuracy.

strip piecing

Strip Quilting

Learn some strip quilting shortcuts.

Circle Star Applique


Find out about some of the different applique methods.

crazy quilt

Crazy or Free Form Quilting

Frustrated with all the quilting “rules”? Why not break all the rules and get crazy!

Great Tips for Quilters

Discover some helpful quilting tips with these short videos covering a number of topics.

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