Snowball Dishes

snowball dishes

snowball dishes

Quilt Pattern/Name:  “Snowball”   Dishes

Quilt Size:  27 inches by 37 inches

Quilt Maker:  Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date:  Early 2000’s

Extra Information:  I wanted to showcase some blue fabrics that reminded me of patterns found on dishes.  I saw a quilt that had shelves with teacups showcased.  I decided to try this with my “dishes” fabric.  I also wanted to try out a new “iron-on” batting which I soon decided never to use again.  I had such a difficult time quilting this piece!  The batting might work better with hand quilting than with machine.  I decided to use a minimal amount of quilting.   You may notice that it does not hang well but I still like to look at the blue fabrics  (see below).

To make the dishes, I used the Quick Corner Method.  This is a great technique for beginners to learn.  See below for more examples of Quick Corner blocks and quilts.

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