Red Sampler with Scalloped Border

Red Sampler Quilt with Scalloped Border
Red Sampler Quilt with Scalloped Border

Quilt Pattern/Name:  Red Sampler with Scalloped Border

Quilt Size:  34 inches by 34 inches

Quilt Maker:  Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date:  completed 2012

Extra Information:  This is a sampler quilt that I use to teach basic quilting skills.  Each 6 inch block features a new quilting skill set.  By the time the quilt is complete, you will have learned many different quilting techniques.   It’s a great way to begin your quilting journey!

Free patterns and tutorials for most of squares in this quilt can be found on the links below or under One Block Wonders. You’ll also find links to some of our other Sampler Classes below.

To purchase kits for these blocks, please visit our shop. If you are new to quilting and would like to purchase rotary cutting equipment, follow these links to Amazon: Rotary Cutters,   Rotary Mats ,   Rotary Rulers,   Rotary Blades

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