Red Jewel Box

Red Jewel Box
Jewel Box Hangs on Valentine's Day
Red Jewel Box
Jewel Box Hangs on Valentine’s Day

Quilt Pattern/Name: Red Jewel Box Quilt

Quilt Size: about 92 inches by 75 inches

Quilt Maker: pieced by Ann Tarabini/machine quilted by Ruthmary Schauer

Quilt Completion Date: started 1996 – finished in January 17, 2017

Extra Information: I liked this pattern – not sure where it came from.  I remember it was sometimes called a Jewel Box. It is made up of 4 patch blocks and ½ Square Triangles.  

The Jewel Box quilt is often made up in multiple colors but I decided I wanted a two color quilt.  I cleaned out my red scraps but I only used one white fabric for the background. It’s not quite large enough for our queen bed but works well on a double bed.  

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