Monkey Rag Quilt

monkey quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name:  Monkey Rag Quilt

Quilt Size:  36 inches by 32 inches

Quilt Maker:  Ann Tarabini (nee Brockman) and Mary Ann Brockman

Quilt Completion Date:  2013

Extra Information:  This quilt is made up of squares that were quilted first before being pieced together.  The front of the quilt has finished edges while the back of the quilt has raw seams.  The seams are snipped to make a chenille- like finish (after washing).

It is a great method for teaching children how to sew.  Children can handle the small blocks easily.  An adult or older child can then sew these blocks together.

My mom and I hand quilted some of the squares while camping.  Other squares were quilted on the machine.

Go to Quilt-As-You-Go for directions on making this quilt.

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