“I Spy” Crayon Quilt

I Spy Crayon Quilt

I Spy Crayon Quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name:  I Spy Crayon Quilt (Jane’s Quilt)

Quilt Size:  37 inches by 40 inches

Quilt Maker:  Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date:  completed 2017

Extra Information:  I made this quilt as a gift for Baby Jane.  Jane has older siblings and I thought an I Spy Quilt might be fun for the family.  (I also enjoy “the hunt” for I Spy fabric!)

I just love this pattern from Emily Herrick -Color Me by Crazy Old Ladies.  This version of her pattern has less crayons.  My crayons are also shorter.  I have seen this made up in all kinds of fabrics on different backgrounds and they all work well!  (I like using newsprint fabric for the background.)  It is a good pattern for the beginner as it has simple cutting and sewing directions.

I found a panel with a map of the United States that I used for the back of the quilt.  I was worried that my straight line quilting pattern would interfere with the map but I think it looks OK.  I printed a fabric label on my computer that lists many of the objects hidden in the fabrics.

Map Panel

Crayon Quilt Label

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