Granny Squares in Solids

Solid Granny Squares Quilt
Solid Granny Squares

Solid Granny Squares Quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name:  Granny Squares in Solids

Quilt Size:  45 inches by 58 inches

Quilt Maker:  pieced by Ann Tarabini/ machine quilted by Ruthmary Schauer

Quilt Completion Date:  finished in 2018

Extra Information: I wanted to “play” with color combinations so I cut 2 ½” squares from different solid colored fabrics.  Then I decided on a rule or theme for my square such as all blues or colors opposite the color wheel with the shades in between. This pushed me to use color combinations that I would have avoided.

After I chose the fabrics for the square, I experimented with the amount of exposure for each by positioning.  The center had the least amount of color exposed and the outside edge, the most. It was fun to see how the look/feel of the block changed in this process.

I used larger rectangles for the fabric on outside edge instead of cutting ½ square and quarter square triangles.  I trimmed off the excess in order to square up the blocks. This made the block appear to “float”. (It also makes it much easier to sew to the sashing since no points need to be matched.)

I wasn’t thinking about using these squares in a quilt as they were intended to be teaching tools.  When I had them up on the design wall they looked like they belonged together. I cut out a solid white background but decided to go with the newsprint fabric.

Ruthmary quilted spirals in each square.  She used a looping pattern in the sashing/border.

I use this quilt along with Kaffe Granny Squares Quilt to teach a class about color in quilts.

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