Challenge Quilt

challenge quilt


challenge quilt
challenge quilt



Quilt Pattern/Name: Christmas Challenge Table Topper (challenge quilt)

Quilt Size:  36 inches by 36 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date: 1993


Extra Information: See below:

Challenge quilt – This table topper quilt (36” by 36”) was completed in response to a quilt store challenge. I was given a few fabrics (Christmas fabric with scenes from “Dickens Era”. Red border print, red poinsettias print and a green holly print). The challenge rules allowed me to use other fabric but I had to use at least a piece of the fabrics mentioned earlier.

challenge quilt
This is a close-up of the red border print and the poinsettias fabric square that had to be used in the quilt.


challenge quilt pattern piecing
Close up of “Dickens Era” fabric and green holly that was part of the challenge. I added the white, dark green and red.


challenge quiltI used a paper piecing patterns to make the wreath. I took the large “flower” pattern and reduced it by 50%. I used 4 of the smaller patterns to fill in between the larger patterns. 





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