Blue and Gold Star Sampler

blue star sampler

blue star sampler

Quilt Pattern/Name: Blue/Gold Star Sampler

Quilt Size: 53 inches by 71 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date: early 1999

Quilt Tutorial: You’ll find the FREE patterns and step-by-step videos for this quilt under Quilt Classes – Star Sampler.  Each class is designed for teaching new quilting techniques and/or skills for confident beginners to more advanced quilters.  There are over 25 videos in this series so lots of info.

If you would like the look of stars, check out our Sawtooth Star video.  We also have a video for a Faux Sawtooth Star and a Faux Double Sawtooth Star. (No matching points on these faux stars!)

Extra Information: 

I made this quilt for a class that I taught in West Contra Costa Adult Ed.  It is called a sampler quilt because there is a sample of different blocks/patterns in the design.  I chose the different stars because each one required a unique set of sewing/drafting skills.  Students learned a number of new techniques while taking this class.

The stars were set in a random pattern.  Some were sprinkled into the borders.  I machine quilted this by stitching in the ditch with my walking foot.  I also used quilted a curved “braid” in the borders using white-gold thread.

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