Blue and Gold Star Sampler

blue star sampler

blue star sampler

Quilt Pattern/Name: Blue/Gold Star Sampler

Quilt Size: 53 inches by 71 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date: early 1999

Quilt Tutorial: You’ll find the patterns and step-by-step videos for this quilt under Quilt Classes – Star Sampler.  If you would like the look of stars, check out our Sawtooth Star video.  We also have a video for a Faux Sawtooth Star and a Faux Double Sawtooth Star.

Extra Information: 

I made this quilt for a class that I taught in West Contra Costa Adult Ed.  It is called a sampler quilt because there is a sample of different blocks/patterns in the design.  I chose the different stars because each one required a unique set of sewing/drafting skills.  Students learned a number of new techniques while taking this class.

The stars were set in a random pattern.  Some were sprinkled into the borders.  I machine quilted this by stitching in the ditch with my walking foot.  I also used quilted a curved “braid” in the borders using white-gold thread.

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