Liz’s Birthday Quilt

birthday quilt

birthday quilt



Quilt Pattern/Name: Liz’s Birthday Quilt (The Gingerbread Houses)

Quilt Size: 64″ by 72″

Quilt Maker: Ella and Ann Tarabini and Ben, Zoe and Rise Revis

Quilt Completion Date: April 2003

Extra Information: This quilt was made for Elizabeth (Liz) Rochin’s birthday. The three gingerbread houses in the center of the quilt were designed by Liz’s cousins. They chose the fabric and trimmings. The gingerbread men were appliqued with a fusible web and then little white buttons were sewn on their chests.

During Christmas vacation, Liz would spend a day making gingerbread houses with her younger cousins while her aunts finished their Christmas shopping. This quilt was made to thank Liz for all her hard work.

The back of the quilt is pictured below. The fabric in the center was a favorite of ours. We thought it looked like a “Liz fabric”. We couldn’t find a spot for it on the front so we made it the focal point on the back. At the far bottom, you can see a closeup of this fabric.


birthday quilt
Back of birthday quilt.


birthday quilt
Close up of birthday quilt






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