Auntie Sue’s Birthday Quilt

auntie sue's birthday quilt
Auntie Sue's Quilt - click to enlarge picture -
auntie sue's birthday quilt
Auntie Sue’s Quilt
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Quilt Pattern/Name: Auntie Sue’s Birthday Quilt

Quilt Size: 64 inches by 72 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini and Rise Tarabini Revis

Quilt Completion Date: July 2001


Extra Information: This quilt was made for Auntie Sue’s (Susan Tarabini Rochin) birthday. Each flower holds a special message from family members. The back of the quilt contains a small pocket with a written message from her youngest niece.

A mixture of quilting techniques (fusible applique, bias applique and patchwork) was used to produce the quilt. The color scheme came from a piece of fabric that was a favorite of Susan’s. Susan’s love of flowers was the inspiration for the design of the quilt. (Something in the quilt also reminds us of the annual Easter Egg Hunts at Auntie Sue’s and Uncle Jeff’s!)

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