Around the World Quilt

Purple "Around the World" Quilt

Purple "Around the World" Quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name:  Around the World

Quilt Size:   45 1/2 inches by  45 1/2 inches

Quilt Maker:  pieced and machine quilted by Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date:  finished in 2014

Quilt TUTORIAL: Learn how to sew squares together to make  this simple quilt.

Extra Information:  This is a fun quilt to make that can be put together very quickly.  It’s a great project for beginner quilters as it is small and requires minimal sewing skills.  Start with one 7″ square in the center.  Then chose another fabric and cut out 4 blocks to surround the center.  Continue picking fabric and adding around the previous row – hence the name “Around the World”.

The colors in this quilt reminded me of a skirt I made over 40 years ago.  A piece of it was added in the bottom left corner. (Yes, I saved it all these years!)  For the backing, I used a favorite paintbrush fabric. Surprisingly, the colors in this contemporary fabric were almost identical to the colors in my old skirt fabric.

I quilted this project using my sewing machine with a walking foot.  It’s a manageable size for beginning machine quilters.

Paintbrush fabric (on the back) is shown to the right.