Advent Quilt

advent quilt

advent quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name: Advent Quilt

Quilt Size: 32 inches by 56 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date: December 2001

Extra Information: Mrs. Cindy Scott, Mrs. Sue Addiego (kindergarten teacher and aide), and I designed a quilt like this for St. Joseph School’s auction. The tree was formed from tracings of the students’ hands. Each child brought in a special button from home to be sewn to their ‘tree hand’. School photos of the kids were laminated and attached to red ribbons. These were hidden in the numbered pockets.

I thought this quilt was so cute that I decided to make one for my home. My daughter traced around her hand for the tree branches, trunk and star. These were fused to the blue background fabric. We decided to use different sizes of red buttons for the ornaments.

Before December 1, I stuff each of the pockets with a piece of candy. I also place small charms threaded on red ribbon in each pocket. By Christmas all the candy has been eaten and the tree has been decorated with the charms.

For a FREE tutorial and pattern, click on the link below.

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