4 Yellow Stars

4 yellow star quilt

4 yellow star quilt

Quilt Pattern/Name: 4 Yellow Stars

Quilt Size: about 39 inches by 39 inches

Quilt Maker: Ann Tarabini

Quilt Completion Date: early 2000’s

Extra Information: I made this quilt for a class that I taught in West Contra Costa Adult Ed.  It’s a very easy quilt when using “quick corners” to make the star points. Since you don’t have to worry about matching tips, this quilt is a perfect project for beginners.

I used two solids for the top and then put a salt and pepper shaker novelty print on the back.  I’ve seen this made up in many different prints and solids and it always looks great. (That’s an advantage to being in class with other quilters!)  More stars can be added to make the quilt larger as seen below.

Click here  for a link to a free class with videos and handouts for this Four Star Quilt.

yellow stars
Close-up of the quilting.


yellow stars backing
Quilt Back



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