Paper Piecing Patterns

Paper Pieced Flag

Foundation Paper Piecing is a great skill for Beginner Quilters to learn as it helps with sewing accuracy. At first, it may seem confusing because sewing is completed on the back of a paper pattern.  Don’t give up too soon!  Usually after the first completed block, beginner quilters find paper piecing to be relaxing and enjoyable.  

Most patterns also include a free tutorial under the links below.  They are grouped by size.  You’ll find the patterns that fit into greeting cards and the luggage tags listed first.  

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4 3/4″ by 3 1/4″ Patterns (greeting cards and tags):

Paper Pieced FLAG

Paper Pieced Flag

Paper Pieced Tree Ornament/Gift Card

Paper Pieced Tree


Courthouse Steps

Paper Pieced SNOW CONE

Paper Pieced Snow Cone

Paper Pieced Heart

Heart - Paper Pieced

Paper Pieced Gift

Coming Soon

3″ Square Patterns:

Rail Fence Pattern

Pattern for Rail Fence

Flying Geese Pattern

paper piecing tutorial

Log Cabin Pattern

Log Cabin

Pennants Pattern

Four Paper-Pieced Patterns on One Sheet –

Paper piecing

(Rail Fence, Flying Geese, Log Cabin, Pennants)


Irregular Sized Patterns:

Flying Geese Picture Frame Project

Flying Geese Picture Frame Project

Strips of 2″ Half Square Triangles

2 inch HST's





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