Spinning Geese Patterns

partial seams
Learn how to sew a partial seam while making flying geese units.

Four Flying Geese spin around a center square in this quilt block. Learn how to sew a partial seam while using our FREE Spinning Geese patterns. You will also find links below demonstrating basic quilting skills needed to complete this block.

The first set of directions give cutting sizes for the “quick corner” method along with templates for making Flying Geese.  The second set of directions (and video) go over the “no waste” technique for making four geese units at once.

partial seams


PATTERNS & DIRECTIONS for Spinning Geese:

Blackline Master pg. 1

Rotary Cut Dir. pg. 2

Templates/Graphic Dir. pg. 3

“No Waste” Spinning Geese:

Learn how to make a Partial Seam in place of a more difficult inset seam when completing this 6″ Spinning Geese block (pictured in top row). You’ll also discover a quick way to make 4 Flying Geese units using this “no waste” method.  Below is a link to the cutting sizes and pattern for this 6″ block.

Spinning Geese Pattern

Other Examples of Spinning Geese:

Flying Geese
Patriotic Spin block has one Pinwheel in center.


Patriotic Spin with Red Pinwheel


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