Pinwheel Patterns

The Pinwheel pattern is a fun traditional quilt square to add to your projects. Below you will find one pattern with rotary cutting directions for a 6 inch Pinwheel. Another link has a template pattern. The template can be used instead of rotary cutting or to check the accuracy of your cutting.

Links to FREE videos explaining the skills needed to complete this block are also listed at the bottom of the page. Check out our Blocks That Teach series for more info about sewing Pinwheels.





A Quick Method (1 of 3 videos)

Pinwheel Series


Making Templates (2 of 3 videos)

Pinwheel - Templates


What Went Wrong? (3 of 3 videos)

Pinwheel - What Went Wrong


Other Pinwheel Blocks:

Looking for projects that use the featured quilt square?  Or maybe you want to see the block done up in other fabrics.  Check out the photos below:




Sampler Quilt On Point

Pinwheel in Sampler Quilt

Pinwheel Quilted

Pinwheel On Point


Pinwheel Runner

Pinwheel Runner



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