Beginner Blooming 9 Patch Runner

Blooming 9 Patch Runner

Learn how to make this table runner using mainly squares and 9 Patch blocks. You will also learn about setting triangles and how to sew diagonal rows.

Below you’ll find links to the different sections in the video along with links to other videos that you might like. Links to the patterns for this project can also be found below.

Links to patterns/directions:

Supply List

Strip Sets for 9 Patch

Sewing in Diagonal Rows


Links in this video:

Supplies – 0:52

Cutting – 2:01

Making 9 Patch Blocks – 3:17

Layout – 5:39

Sewing in Rows – 6:02

Making the Quilt Sandwich – 8:22

Quilting the Runner – 9:07


Links to other videos:

Blooming 9 Patch Quilt

Making 9 Patch Blocks

Setting Triangles

Finishing the Quilt