y seams
y seams
y seams
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Y-seams are a type of seam that is sometimes required for patchwork and mitered seams. It is called a Y-seam because it resembles the shape of the letter Y.

Y-seams are seams that form a “Y” at the intersection of 3 pieces of fabric. Another name for Y-seams is inset seams.

Learn about Y-seams in this short video below.  Then in the next video, explore how to sew these seams.


View how to sew a Y-SEAM in the video below.  Fast forward to 5:31 is you are not interested in how to sew the basket.

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Y seams are seams that resemble the letter “Y.” Y seams are different from regular seams because when I sew this seam I just sew straight down, I don’t have to stop, it’s easy to do. On this Y seam, I have to basically inset each one of these pieces when I’m sewing them together. So let me show you what that means. In this block, I also have a Y seam. So I’ve marked, highlighted this with black marker and when I sewed it, I sewed from here to here and I stopped. I sewed from here to here and I stopped. I sewed from the end up into here and I stopped. If I were to sew all the way through, like I did on this block, then I would get a pucker here and it would not look the way it does on the front. As a matter of fact it would bunch up like that. So on Y seams, they’re not that difficult, you just have to remember to stop before you get to the edge. Here’s another block that’s made up of Y seams. Each one of these pedals is a Y seam. So it’s a good idea to learn about Y seams because every now and then you’ll find one in a patchwork block.


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