Walking Foot

sewing machine walking foot

walking foot

The walking foot fits on your sewing machine and is a must for machine quilting.  Usually it does not come with your machine. (Some machines do come with a built in walking foot.) Most sewing machine shops carry these feet in stock. You need to know what type of shank you have on your machine – straight or slant. The Bernina is the only machine that has a special walking foot – last time I checked the Bernina walking foot was around $80 compared to $20 for most other walking feet.

While your feeddogs (those little teeth under your sewing machine foot) move the fabric on the bottom of your quilt sandwich, the walking foot moves the fabric on top. Without a walking foot the fabric on top eventually lags behind the bottom and you get puckers in your quilting.

The walking foot is one of the largest feet for most machines. When attaching most walking feet, you will need to fasten them to the shank AND also hook them to a small screw on the shank. On the foot below; the black “arm” resting on the silver foot on the right side must be connected to this screw. On many occasions I have forgotten this step ….. I run into problems and then I have to take out my stitches.

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