The triangle is a popular basic shape used in quilts. Unlike a square, the triangle’s sides and angles are not always equal. Care must be taken when laying out triangles and when sewing them together.  Watch the video below to find out about the different triangles and how to rotary cut them.

You will also get hints and tricks for sewing triangles accurately and links to other free videos about cutting formulas. 

The 7 featured triangles along with the time they appear in the video are: 

  1. Half Square Triangles (HST’s) (1:36)
  2. Quarter Square Triangles (QST’s) (2:25)
  3. Equilateral Triangles (3:34)
  4. Isosceles Triangles (6:06)
  5. Scalene Triangles (7:05)
  6. Corner Setting Triangles (8:28/9:30)
  7. Side Setting Triangle (8:28/9:37)

For more information see:

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