Sampler Quilt

sampler quilt
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sampler quilt
sampler quilt
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A sampler quilt is made from a sample of blocks. These quilts are quite popular for beginning quilting classes. Often the instructor will plan the sampler so that each block will allow the students to learn a new quilting skill while working on that particular block.

The blocks in a sampler quilt may all be the same size or different sizes.  They can be set with sashing, alternate blocks, on point or just side by side with another sampler block.

If you are interested in making a sampler quilt, we have a few FREE Tutorials listed below.  You can find these classes under Quilting Classes or follow the links at the bottom of the page.  We also sell kits for many of these blocks in our SHOP.

Also – check out the video below to see one of the most famous sampler quilts from the 1800’s.

Sampler Quilt On Point   

Building Blocks Quilt

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