Rotary Cutting

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Rotary Cutting

Rotary cutting is relatively new to the quilting world. It involves using a rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and a cutting mat. Using these tools, many layers of fabric can be quickly and accurately cut at once. Before quilters used scissors to cut out shapes.

These are rotary cutters. As you can see they come in different sizes and styles. Rotary cutting is for cutting through many layers of fabric at one time.

The round blade resembles a pizza cutter’s blade. It is very sharp. Always remember to close the blade after each use.

rotary cutter
rotary cutter
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Learn more about rotary cutting in this short video.

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TRANSCRIPT: Rotary Cutting

Quilters use these tools to cut fabric quickly.  You can cut one layer or many.

The blade in a rotary cutter is very sharp.  When you’re using a rotary cutter, you should always cut away from you and shut the blade when you’re finished.  There are many different styles of rotary cutters.  I prefer this one because it feels good in my hand and when I am finished with the blade, it retracts on its own.

There are also many types up acrylic rulers.  For a beginner, I recommend six by 12 but I also like these yellow lines and this small 1/8 inch grid.  There are many different sizes of the self-healing mats.   I would get a size at least 12 inches by 18 inches if possible.

To cut your fabric, you take your ruler; put pressure on your ruler; open up your blade; put your blade against the ruler; a little pressure on your rotary cutter and cut away from you. You have a nice clean cut.


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