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There are many types of thread on the market today.  I don’t consider myself a thread expert but I do have my favorite place for “thread education”.  I often visit Superior Thread’s website to order thread AND to read their guides for sewing/quilting (under the Education tab).  Depending on your project, they have a thread for you!

My best piece of advice is to choose a neutral color of thread when piecing patches together. Don’t use old thread that brakes often in your machine – throw it out and treat yourself to a new spool. Also,  spools marked “quilting thread” do not go in your sewing machine. This type of thread is used for hand quilting through the quilt sandwich.  It’s very confusing because there are many brands on the market called “machine quilting thread“; these are made for your sewing machine.

Lately I have been using the Aurifil brand as I can buy it from my neighborhood quilt shop.  If you would like to purchase a neutral set of this thread, click here.

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