Quilting Supplies

Basic Supplies

To start quilting you don’t need much – just fabric, batting, scissors, pins, needle, and thread.  These are the basics.  Of course there are many more products out there depending on your needs.

For example, today most quilters use a sewing machine for their quilts.  Instead of scissors – rotary cutters, rulers and mats are used to cut fabric.  All seams need to be pressed, so an iron and ironing board are often set up nearby.  I would also consider these -a sewing machine, rotary and ironing equipment – as basic quilting supplies.

From here quilters can collect all sorts of specialty items from plexiglass templates to quilting gloves.

Below are links to some of the basic supplies that you can purchase at AMAZON.*

* I use the small commission I make recommending products via Amazon  to help pay for the costs of maintaining the website LearnHowToQuilt.com.  If you are thinking about a quilting purchase, please check out our products first.  THANKS!!!

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