home made templates


home made templates

Quilt templates are patterns that you can use when cutting out fabric for your quilt. The are also useful for checking your sewing accuracy. You can buy these or make your own from template plastic. A good template is accurate, reusable (you’ll use it many times) and transparent (so you can see the fabric’s motif if needed).  If you would like to purchase template plastic, click here.

In the photo above, the triangle template on the left was used to cut out the fabric.  The rectangle template on the left was used to check sewing accuracy.

Learn about quilt templates and how quilters use them for quilting projects.

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Quilt Templates
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TRANSCRIPT: Quilt Templates

Templates are patterns that you can use to help you cut out or sew your blocks. You can make these on your own or you can buy- not all quilt blocks have templates for it but the most popular ones you can buy templates for. So to make a template you need to draft a block. I’ve drafted a star block here, you need to add seam allowance around your pieces and get template plastic, put it over the top, trace your piece out. I always add arrows to show me where the straight of grain goes.

So I’ve made templates. This particular block only needs three different templates. And then I’m going to take those templates to cut out the fabric. I’ve put the template on my fabric, I trace around the fabric; I mark these dots that help me register where I need to sew and where the different points meet, and then I cut out my fabric. So I can use my template for not only cutting fabric but for checking to make sure that everything is sewn in there nice and neatly.

In this block, it’s a little bit more advanced, but I used templates for a couple different things. For example, on the star point, some of these star points I sewed together, two strips of fabric together and then I took this template and I placed it down the center of where those two strips were sewn and I cut out that star section so I didn’t have to have individual templates all the way around. I also used for the outside of this circle. And then this star circle is going to drop inside of this square so I have a template that helped me cut out each section of this square. This template, I am using to help me line everything up. I’m not going to cut any fabric out of this template; I’m just going to use this, these registration marks, to help me line up this star with this square.


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