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Quilt drafting refers to drawing your quilt block on paper (usually graph paper). You can use your drafted block to make templates and/or to figure out cutting sizes.

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Learn how drafting/drawing quilt blocks can help you complete your quilt project.  Check out the video below and links to other videos at the bottom of this page.

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TRANSCRIPT: Quilt Drafting- Encyclopedia

I like to draft my block, or draw it, before I start any project. So when I see a block that I like, like the one in this quilt, I get some scratch paper and I measure the block, six by six. I draw a rough little picture of the block and then I put in all my measurements. For example two inches, two inches, two inches, two, two and two. I draw this block out like this. Then I go to my graph paper and draw a six inch block. After I’ve drawn that block out, I like to then add seam allowance to the different pieces that I’m going to need for that block. So for this square, is a two inch square, but when I add the seam allowance, that quarter inch all the way around, I see that I’m going to need a two and a half inch square.

And sometimes I like to make templates and I use those templates to cut out the fabric that I need for the block. But sometimes I like to rotary cut that, so I use those templates for other things. For example, after I’ve sewn the block together, I’ll use my templates to check to make sure that this triangle is sewn in there properly. Cause I’m looking at this thinking, now why doesn’t that meet right there. Well I forgot a quarter inch seam allowance. With the template I can check, or I can double check to make sure that this center has been put in there properly.




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