Quilt Blocks

Quilt blocks are design units often presented in rectangular shapes. There are thousands of block patterns that can be put together to build a quilt. A quilt’s design can be made up of one block that is repeated or from a combination of blocks.

Where do you find all these quilt blocks? You can search the web for different quilt blocks, buy books/magazines picturing these or visit quilt shops/shows.

Learn about the different quilt blocks that allow quilters to explore unlimited design options for their quilt projects.

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TRANSCRIPT: Quilt Blocks

There are many types of blocks that quilters use in their quilts. As you can see these blocks come in many shapes and sizes. Most traditional blocks have names, such as Bear Paw, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, and Tumbling Blocks. Knowing the names of the different blocks will help when talking with other quilters. Because there are so many different blocks, there are an infinite amount of designs that can be made by arranging these blocks into a quilt.

Some blocks can stand on their own, like this Feathered- Star block. Other blocks may look good when they’re repeated, like the blue squares in the background quilt and the green and pink squares in the small quilt.

In some quilts, many different blocks are chosen. This sampler quilt, not only has different blocks, but blocks of different sizes. So this is what I think I so exciting about quilters; that there’s so many different blocks and so many different block combinations that we can use to make quilts that we can spend a lifetime exploring these.

quilt blocks



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