Quilt Basting

the quilt sandwich

Basting is the process of temporarily sewing or pinning fabric together. This can be done by hand or by machine. Quilters use basting to temporarily position applique pieces. They also baste the top, batting, and backing together before quilting.

Quilt basting helps position fabric before permanently sewing. Quilters use basting when appliqueing and when securing the quilt sandwich.

Learn how to baste shapes for your appliqué using thread or glue.

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Transcript: Quilt Basting

I’m getting ready to sew this star to this circle to make this applique block. So I’m basting my star in place to make it a little bit easier so that when I get ready to sew this on the circle, I’ve got my seam allowance basted down. So I don’t have to worry about pushing it behind the back of the star.

So when I bast, I like to use a single strand of white thread. And what I do is, I turn the seam allowance and I take big stitches, nothing fancy, and I work my way around the star. These stitches are temporary stitches to hold the fabric in place. On this star, they’re probably anywhere from a quarter (¼) of an inch, probably not quite a half (½) an inch, but getting up there. So I would work my way around basting until I finish the star and I have it all basted in place, ready to go on to this circle.

Now, this circle has also been basted and I’ve pinned it down to the background. But the way I basted this circle was I use glue. So I put glue stick on my freezer paper and instead of using thread to hold this back, I just glued it back, so that when I finish with this circle, I cut out the back and pull the paper out. But I need to make sure that my glue is washable because sometimes this is a little bit more difficult to get off and I have to put it in water to get the glue out, but most of the time, it’s pretty easy. Let’s see if I can pull up a little piece here. Well, most of the time, it just comes up. So whether you prefer glue or thread, that’s up to you.

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