Quick Corners

Quick Corner Example
Quick Corner

A Quick Corner is a quilting term that refers to a rectangle that has a triangle in at least one of the corners.  The triangle originally was cut as a square.  The square is stitched on its diagonal.  Then it is folded back to the corner to form a triangle.

View the video “Quick Corners” to learn more about this quilting technique.  It is a good method for beginners as it is easier to cut and sew squares rather than triangles.  We’ve also provided links below to some Quick Corner Projects.

Sample of 1 Quick Corner


If you would like to purchase a kit for a block with quick corners (Bow Tie or Simple House), check out our shop.

Looking to buy rotary cutting equipment for cutting those quick corners? Follow these links:   Rotary Cutters,   Rotary Mats,   Rotary Rulers,   Rotary Blades

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