y seams

Y-seams are a type of seam that is sometimes required for patchwork and mitered seams. It is called a Y-seam because it resembles the shape of the letter Y. Y-seams are seams that form a “Y” at the intersection of 3 pieces of fabric. Another name for Y-seams is inset seams. Learn about Y-seams in… Continue reading Y-Seams


One Yard

A yard measures 36 inches or 3 feet. A yard of fabric is 36 inches by whatever width is listed on the bolt. A yard of most cotton fabric is 36 inches by 44/45 inches. Backing fabric for quilters has gained in popularity recently.  A yard of backing fabric is usually 36 inches by 108… Continue reading Yard


Yo-yo's make great gift tags!

  Little circles of fabric that have been gathered are called yo-yo’s. Fabric Yo-Yo’s can be put together into a quilt or can be used separately for applique. Find out how to make these below (skip to 3:56):