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Quilt templates are patterns that you can use when cutting out fabric for your quilt. You can buy these or you can easily make your own. A good template Read more


Thimbles protect the fingertips from repeated needle jabbing (ouch!). Quilting thimbles come in all sort of sizes and styles. Find one that feels comfortable Read more


Spools marked “quilting thread” do not go in your sewing machine. This type of thread is used for hand quilting. See Quilting Thread Read more


A hue that is blended with light or white colors is called a tint. Pink is a tint of red.

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Tissue Paper

Tissue paper makes a great stabilizer. I also use it for paper piecing. I prefer this to other papers because it is easier to tear off after stitching Read more

Tone on Tone Fabric

Tone-on-tone fabric is a two colored patterned fabric . From a distance it reads as a solid. Up close it adds ‘interest’ to a quilt. Jinny Beyer has Read more


The ancient Italian technique for producing texture in quilt tops. In trapunto a design on the quilt top is stuffed with batting to provide relief design. Read more


The triangle is a popular basic shape used in quilts. Unlike a square, the triangle’s sides and angles are not always equal. Care must be taken when Read more

Turkey Red

Turkey Red is the name of a dye color that was quite popular in the 1800’s.

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Twin Size

A twin size mattress measures 39 inches by 94 inches.

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