Stilettos - click to enlarge -

Stilettos are handy tools for quilters. They can help to hold layers of fabric together when sewing on the machine.  Many quilters use them as an extension of their hand. I find the stiletto most useful when sewing bulky seams as it can hold everything in place all the way to the needle.  Check out… Continue reading Stilettos


Stippling is a quilting technique that can give texture to your quilt. It can be machine quilted or hand quilted. The design produced from stippling looks like a small meandering line.  Actually, the term stippling is used interchangeably with the term meandering. I learned that the difference between the two terms has to do with… Continue reading Stippling

Stitch In The Ditch

Stitch in the ditch refers to stitching directly in the seam when machine quilting the top. In the photo below red thread was used to help you see the stitching. I only stiched across the horizontal seam. Usually people who stitch in the ditch do not want their stitching to show so they use a… Continue reading Stitch In The Ditch


Larger straight stitches decorate the pot holder. Smaller stitches were used for the meandering in the quilt's background areas.

    Depending on your project the quilting stitches used will vary. Generally speaking a quilter will use a regular stitch length for machine piecing. I like to use a longer stitch length when machine quilting straight lines but this is your personal preference.  I will use a smaller stitch length when quilting in smaller… Continue reading Stitches