Set on Point

The nine patch blocks are set on point.

When square blocks in a quilt are rotated 45 degrees (turned to a diamond shape) they are said to be set on point. The nine patch blocks below are quilt blocks set on point (rotated to a diamond-like shape) in this quilt. The next photos compare the difference between “set on point” (top block) and… Continue reading Set on Point


quilt settings - click image to enlarge -

When you finish your blocks for your quilt, you will have to decide how to arrange them in your quilt. This arrangement is called the setting. Below is a video about sewing blocks together into a quilt.  The blocks have been laid out in three rows of three blocks each.  This is a simple setting.… Continue reading Setting

Setting Triangles

Setting triangles are used when blocks are set on point. They are “fillers” that are used to make the quilt rectangular. Without these, you would have a zigzag edge. Four 1/2 square triangles are used in the corners. Quarter square triangles are used on the sides. Setting Triangles:  Notice the triangles below. There are 4… Continue reading Setting Triangles