Reducing Glass

  Reducing Glass – Below is a close-up photo of a reducing glass. Below that is a picture of what it looks like using a reducing glass. Notice the 3 house blocks on the left; they are much smaller in the reducing glass. Sometimes this makes it easier to look at the overall design and… Continue reading Reducing Glass

Reproduction Fabric

Reproduction fabric is fabric that has been – – – reproduced! Antique quilts have wonderful examples of fabric from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Quite a few fiber companies have come out with large fabric lines based on fabrics in these antique quilts. Often these fabrics are available in different colorways. Reproduction Fabric – In… Continue reading Reproduction Fabric

Reverse Applique

reverse applique - click image to enlarge -

Instead of appliquéing a piece of fabric on top of a background fabric, in reverse appliqué the piece is put under the background fabric. The background fabric is cut away to reveal the piece under it. This is an example of reverse applique. The white fabric on top has been cut away and appliquéd using… Continue reading Reverse Applique