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Quilt Backing

The quilt backing is the fabric that goes on the back of the quilt – easy! This can be one large piece of fabric or it can be made from several different Read more

Quilt Basting

Basting is the process of temporarily sewing or pinning fabric together. This can be done by hand or by machine. Quilters use basting to temporarily position Read more

Quilt Batting

This is the stuff that goes in the middle of the quilt ‘sandwich’. Just as there are many different choices for quilt batting so are there many different Read more

Quilt Binding

Quilt Binding goes around the outer edge of the quilt. It is a long strip of fabric that is sometimes cut on the bias. Not all quilts have binding. Quilts Read more

Quilt Blocks

Quilt blocks are design units often presented in rectangular shapes. There are thousands of block patterns that can be put together to build a quilt. A Read more

Quilt Borders

Quilt borders do exactly as they say – border the quilt.  Borders may be made of one fabric or they may be pieced. A mitered border meets in the Read more

Quilt Label

A quilt label can be placed on the back of your quilt to record important information about the quilt such as who made it, where was it made and when it Read more

Quilt Settings

After quilters make their quilt blocks, they need to decide on the quilt settings. There is no right or wrong setting. It is up to the quilter to decide Read more

Quilt Sleeve

A quilt sleeve is sewn on the back of a quilt to make it easy to hang. The sleeve is a tube shape that is about 3 inches wide and is long enough to go Read more

Quilt Top

The quilt top is the side with the most piecing. The top in the photo has not been “sandwiched”. Read more


  Technically, quilting refers to the process by which all three layers of the quilt sandwich are sewn together. In the photo, I am machine Read more

Quilting Lines

The quilting lines are lightly drawn on the quilt top as seen in the center of the photo. These are the lines that are eventually quilted by hand or by Read more
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